About Us


KIPA Gaming is all about a fun gaming approach to learning across age-groups. Inspired by the internationally accepted and acclaimed STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Maths) concept to enable the sharpening of young, impressionable minds through entertaining and involving methods, notably gaming tools, KIPA Gaming is an Indian company that prides itself in introducing ‘Made in India’ gaming sets, benchmarked by the highest standards of product quality, safety and innovation. Here is a refreshing approach to education, coupled with
playtime learning fun.

Set up in 2020 with an objective of playing a defining role in shaping the minds of children and adolescents, KIPA Gaming has come a long way in a short time. Spearheaded by the vision of Founder Kunal Khatri and a team that is passionate about matching steps with the rapid, ever-evolving world of children, KIPA Gaming has conceived, manufactured, tested and launched MagPlay, the Indian version of Magna Tiles, in a remarkably short time span, with resounding success at the marketplace. This inspires the team further to take the leap with breakthrough products and forge a lasting connect with student and parent groups. KIPA MagPlay and KIPA Innovator are designed keeping in mind the cognitive, motor skills and visual recognition skill development in children. At the adolescent level, they can use their enhanced skill to create more complex structures.