Gaming – The Big Game Changer

Gaming – The Big Game Changer

Gaming has assumed gigantic proportions in today’s world. For kids and teenagers in particular, the mobile phone has become the biggest ever object of desire whose lure doesn’t seem to ebb. As a matter of fact, more the number of playing hours, greater is the stickiness. The gaming industry in India has seen a growth of almost 40% in 2019-20, overtaking OTT, Television and Social Media. The vast majority of gamers use smartphones. Poised to reach an astounding value of $7 billion by 2026 which is almost INR 50,000 crores, it is currently valued at $2.2 billion. The in-app purchases are the fastest growing revenue streams of the market, according to the ‘India Gaming Report 2021’ by Lumikai and Redseer.

Marketers around the world have realized that the best bait for kids and teens today is infotainment in real time. Going a step further, learning while playing is the new buzzword. The physical libraries of yesteryears in schools, colleges, city centers seem to belong to an ancient world, although they owned their pride of place not too far back in time. While the parents and grandparents of today can relate to the offline framework of yesteryears, the kids of today live and thrive in the online space. ‘Learning’ has replaced ‘coaching’, ‘tutorials’ and ‘tuitions’; ‘gaming’ is the new identity of ‘playing’; ‘online classes’ is the new address of ‘classroom teaching’.

We at KIPA Gaming are excited about the new paradigm. We believe that while a child would ‘play’ a toy alone, it transforms into a gaming scenario when more than one play together. Kids today have hands-on expertise at networking and challenging each other at online gaming, a trend which has become hugely popular in quick time. We at KIPA Gaming are passionate about making it intellectually progressive for kids right up to their adolescent years, and are proud to introduce world-class, new-age gaming sets inspired by the internationally accepted and acclaimed STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Maths) concept to enable the sharpening of young, impressionable minds through entertaining and involving methods. KIPA Gaming is an Indian company that prides itself in introducing ‘Made in India’ products, benchmarked by the highest standards of quality, safety and innovation. Here is a refreshing approach to education, coupled with playtime learning fun. We are young too, with a fiery ambition of becoming the brand of choice when it comes to gaming sets.

We are the first and only company in India to manufacture and market top-quality magnetic tiles under the brand name MagPlay. It gives a thrust to the child’s imagination and creativity, while the formations grow along with the child thus unveiling more evolved design possibilities. With a variety of magnetic construction sets in numerous configurations, it’s easy to match the right one with a child’s age and skill. For everyone at KIPA Gaming, to be associated with the learning curve of children and influence a turnaround in the way they learn is motivating, exciting and rewarding.
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